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Specializing in Carmel Valley dent removal, our mission is to make cars look flawless and brand new at all times. With over 10 years of experience in delivering paintless dent repair in Carmel Valley, Dent Geek has already earned the trust of car owners and dealers in the city.

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Dents, hail damage, body creases—this is some of the damage that you don’t want your car to suffer. Sadly, there’s no way you can avoid it. Lucky for you, these flaws can be easily repaired and reversed. You have two options for it.

First, we have the traditional way—sand, bond, then repaint it. Second, we have a more advanced and less complicated process—Paintless Dent Removal (PDR).

In this process, the specialized tools are employed to push the dents out and to restore the car’s surface in its original condition. No re-surfacing or repainting needed.

Dent Geek’s Carmel Valley dent removal has been the go-to option for insurance companies and individuals for plenty of good reasons!

Save Time and Money!

Between the two, paintless dent repair in Carmel Valley can help you save both time and money. The repainting and resurfacing processes take time and consume a lot of money.

By skipping these, you get to bring back the look of your car more affordably and efficiently. You can save up to 60% when you go with PDR.

Retain Your Car’s Value

As a car enthusiast, you know very well that any changes made on your car can lower its resale value.

Sadly, even the highest quality body shop might not be able to copy your car’s perfect factory paint job. They can blend out lots of paint colors to try and get the perfect color match, but it will never be the same. Worse, your car loses its value.

With Carmel Valley dent removal, your vehicle’s factory finish is retained and undamaged, so your car’s resale value remains the same.


The traditional body shop process is great for severe damage. But when it comes to minor ding and dent repair, the traditional body shop process can often be a gross waste of time, money, and your factory finish.

Here’s the typical process: You drop your car off and entrust it to 3-4 different employees. Your car will be there for usually a few days (sometimes weeks).

The majority of the dent gets banged out from behind sometimes leaving pock marks on the back of your panel. Grind damage mostly flat then fill inconsistencies with bondo. Sand bondo smooth, primer it, then paint. Even a quality body shop often has to re-paint 2-4 (already perfect) panels to blend it out for a proper color match. And the cost usually starts around $400-$600 and often exceeds $1200 plus the cost of a rental car.

The biggest downside is that your “perfect” factory paint job has now been “corrupted” and it will never be quite the same (even if it “looks” perfect). Your car loses value since you lost your valuable factory finish needlessly.

We have 10 years of unparalleled experience in Carmel Valley dent removal

Let us come to you! Mobile service to your home or office. Most repairs completed in one hour! Call us for your free phone estimate. Learn more about us here.


Paintless Dent Repair

If you want to remove the dent and damages on your car’s surface without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty and losing your car’s resale value, paintless dent repair is the best way to go. The best benefits you can enjoy with this option? You can save both time and money! In short, you can restore your car’s shine and look most affordably and efficiently without any risk.

Door Dings

Having dents and dings in your car is inevitable. Sadly, any flaws on the surface of your vehicle can ruin its look. Worse still, this can also make it impossible for you to sell your car at the price you want. With our services, you can say goodbye to those dents and dings in no time.

Hail Damage

After a long and heavy hail storm, it will surely be devastating to see hail damages to your vehicle. Lucky for you, we are at your service. When you decide to avail of our paintless dent repair services, you can witness your car’s surface go back to its pre-hail damage condition. With us working in your vehicle, it will even look almost brand new!



What is paintless dent removal?

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a technique of repairing dents by pushing the metal back into its original shape without affecting factory paint. This is the least expensive, highly effective, and most efficient method to remove creases and dents in your car without any damage to the paint. Car owners and Carmel Valley dent repair experts Dent Geek use the PDR technique to address hail damage, small body creases, bumper indentations, and door dents. PDR is also a great choice to prepare the damaged panel for paint. This is the so-called “push for paint” technique.

Will my dents be 100% gone?
More often than not, you’ll get rid of 100% of dents. Nevertheless, the success rate depends on the depth of the dents. A very deep dent may be tricky to repair. However, many people see impressive results even on larger dents. We will let you know in detail how we are going to proceed before we start working on your vehicle.
Will the dents come back?

We can safely say that they won’t come back unless you damage your car again. It is employed by well-known experts including Dent Geek, an Carmel Valley dent repair company as a surefire method to effectively remove dents for good. If you were to go to an auto body shop to fix your dent, the chances are that the dent develops a ring around it within three to six months from the repair. The PDR method won’t cause such problems, provided that you do it the correct way.

Can any dent be fixed?
No. The depth and the location of the dent will determine whether or not it can be fixed by using the PDR method. When they aren’t too deep, even dents the size of a large place can be fixed without any problem. On the contrary, small but very deep dents are impossible to fix by PDR, because the sheet metal is too stretched.

Cracked paint is usually a sign that a dent is too deep. The usual size of successfully fixed dents is 2-3 inches. The technique is successful in about 95% of minor dents. The 5% that can’t be fixed is either too deep or located in a place where applying PDR isn’t possible.

Contact us now to see whether your dents are eligible for PRD. We will provide you with a free estimate. We promise to be totally honest.

What is no drilling?
As PDR requires back access to a dent, technicians have to drill holes in various places such as inner wheelhouse panels, door frames, and quarter panel jambs to be able to apply the technique. Many of them overlook to inform their clients about this. We will always let you know about it in order for you to decide whether we should proceed or not. In most cases, Dent Geek repairs require the removal and the installation of the trim panel. This means that we also need to re-apply the rust protection coating.

Why should I use PDR?

The main benefit of PDR is that it can get you rid of the dents in your car in a cost-effective and fast manner. In addition, this method is one of the most environment-friendly techniques, thanks to the fact that it doesn’t make use of fillers. The factory paint remains intact, so there’s no need for any chemicals to complete this job. The cost of repair is yet another benefit worth mentioning here. Paintless dent removal can be three times cheaper than traditional car body repair. Furthermore, this method is a huge time saver. By using PDR, you can fix a dent in as little as one hour. If those whose prefer perfection may visit Carmel Valley dent repair company Dent Geek for fast, professional and affordable dent repair job.

Can you help with my lease or rental?

Yes, we can do that! Just contact us before your lease comes up, and we will repair your vehicle for a much lower price than regular auto body shops.

Is there a discount for multiple dents?

Yes, we are pleased to offer our customers discounts for multiple dents. If you wish to repair multiple dents that are on the same panel, you can take advantage of a great discount, as repairing the extra dents requires little extra work. As a customer-oriented Carmel Valley dent repair company, should your vehicle have many small dents, we will give you a reasonable price per car.

Can PDR help me resell my car?

There are many things to selling a car. However, you need to consider that the way it looks may have a huge influence on potential buyers. Most people think that a spotless car has been very well taking care of, so they are more inclined to add it to their shortlist. If you wish to sell your car, PDR is one of the best methods to curb its appeal and to find a buyer.

Will PDR damage my vehicles paint?

No. Modern factory paint is extremely durable and flexible. A skilled and experienced PDR technician won’t cause any damage to the paint. In fact, PDR is the only dent repair method that allows you to fix your car without affecting the factory paint.


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Amazing service! Was in Pacific Beach and needed a 15” door ding/scratch removed from my BMW. “T” the owner, brought all of his tools and met me in 20 min! After assessing the damage he offered me a reasonable price and had it back to 100% in less than 2 hours. I would highly recommend his service to anyone who loves their car!
Patrick D.

Dent Geek is amazing! His whole system is flawless! I texted him a picture of the dent, he met me the next day and fixed it perfectly!
Dave H.

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